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20 January 2011 @ 09:19 pm
From a friends' post in CA  
Posted for a friend...


This pup was brought to the vet to be euthanized , simply because his front leg is broken. Our vet declined, as he's a sweet young dog. They are temporarily caring for him and will fix his leg if he has a home to go to. Please contact Gateway Animal hospital in Glendale if interested @ 818 244 2934. We'd love to save this pup's life. Please share with friends and cross post. Thank you.

edited to add: Just spoke to Gateway and they say no cats. He won't be available for 2 weeks and they are accepting donations to offset the cost of the surgery as well as toys, blankets and other means to make him more comfortable. You will be put on a list if you want to contact them and he will be re-evaluated after surgery as it makes some dogs aggressive or sometimes super shy after being in that amount of pain.