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Create like God, command like a king, work like a slave."

In the process of upgrading...

28 April 1977
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I'm a photographer. I used to be strictly film, but that changed a year ago when I began losing the few clients I DID have because they wanted faster than 72 hour turn around.

But I'm not bitter...



My weapons of choice are a Nikon D200 and an older F4s with the MB-21 advance pack. I also use an old school Yashica-D medium format camera for more of the pristine shots I want to capture. On the 35mm cameras, I use a larger diameter lens [72mm]; the lens is 18mm-70mm telephoto. When shooting film, I predominately use black and white, specifically ILFORD film, but sometimes I will burn thru a roll of color, but that’s mainly on larger landscape shots. I process my own black and white film and then scan the negatives when I can, then I post them. Typically, the only reason I use Photoshop is to create a border and have my name on the shot…

I have a hosted website if you want to look at my photography...feel free to leave a comment: http://discoyoda.deviantart.com/

I’m also an author…unfortunately not a paid one.
I have written my first novel, edited it and sent it off to a literary agent in hopes [and dreams] of gaining representation and publication thru a publishing house. That’s the ultimate dream. I've also written a handful of short stories and a Sci-Fi novella that I'm going to add to in the near future.

I like to paint when I can which hasn’t been of late, as well as sketch and work abstractly with color pencils…

I have too many hobbies and want to do them all…I’ve had a guitar sitting in the corner for several months and fingers that are begging to learn how to play, but I just haven’t found the time. I read too much for my own good, know too much for my own good, and sometimes keep too quiet for my own good.

Sometimes you can catch me reminiscing about growing up in the circus where I was forced to play with lions, tigers and bears and dance on the shoulders of clowns.

I hate clowns…

But when I tell you that life story, I’ll tell it to you with a straight face and you’ll leave thinking it was completely true!

My normal job is computer-geekiness as I work in the Data Forensics field here in Portland, Oregon. Suffice it to say, I don’t look like the “regular” artist, but I am, through and thru from the tips of me feet to the ends of the hairs on my head.

I was born in Oregon, but was raised in Phoenix, Az and recently transplanted from there. I am still adjusting to Oregon life, the temperature change, the rain, actual seasons, and the different viewpoints of everyone I meet.

I don’t smoke [if you do I won’t tell you to stop, it’s your choice] and I rarely drink.
I’m extremely social…
No kids and I’ve never been married.
Depending on which friend I talk to, these could be blessings or curses…either way, I’m good and happy just being me. I believe in the ultimate good in every person. I’m a friend to all, and always wanting to hang out and see what can be learned from another person, and always willing to try new things. Completely laid back and drama free...that's how I like to keep it. That's just how I roll. I protect me an my own...that's also just how I roll.

I'm extremely easy to get along with, completely cool to hang with, a great friend, charming, dashingly handsome with rugged good looks, funny, extroverted but sometimes needing my own introverted time; I’m super socially active [not as much as in Phoenix though]...I love to be invited to, as well as, host parties, get together’s, dinners..."Super Cheesy-Sci-Fi Movie Nights", regular movie nights, wine parties, etc. I'm a Taurus and I live up to that standard. I keep a clean living area, styled and warm, open and friendly; a place where everyone knows they are welcome and they don't need to make an appointment to stop by [it doesn't bother me should you just knock on my door].

Let's head to a pub for a pint or two, watch whatever game is on as a backdrop for spending time together and just chill in each other’s company.

Anyways, I keep most of my entries open, but sometimes not...

A lot of what I write spins around my WW journey such as menu's and workouts; sometimes there's some personal stuff in there too, but sometimes it's better that i just keep that in my own head.

Thanks for stoppin’ by…feel free to friend me, just make a comment somewhere and I’ll get back to you when I can.

I also have an evil MySpace page…and facebook page (Dustin Eppers)


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